Peer-to-Peer Connectivity

As digital transformation re-shapes the way companies do business, digital partnerships between companies become vital. When you choose DC BLOX data centers, you get access to a private, high-speed network fabric that enables you to interconnect with any organization in any DC BLOX data center. Leveraging the DC BLOX Connectivity eXchange (DCB-CX) platform ensures the utmost security and reliability while providing private, low-latency connections for any digital data exchange.

With the DCB-CX, organizations are no longer constrained by legacy networks or limited local service provider options. DC BLOX data centers and the DCB-CX offer the flexibility and agility needed to accelerate your digital future.

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity Key Features & Benefits


  • Enables private peering relationships with any participating entity in DC BLOX’s data center ecosystem
  • Fast, low-latency, 100G+ private optical network across the Southeast US
  • Redundant network architecture ensures a high-level of connectivity resiliency
  • Software-defined network enables rapid provisioning
  • BGP and transit services to support multiple provider peering for IP traffic


  • Accelerates the establishment of new digital relationships
  • More rapidly address market opportunities and business relationships
  • Every DC BLOX data center is a nexus for regional data interconnectivity
  • Leverage DC BLOX network engineering expertise and 24x7x365 network management and monitoring
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