Rural Broadband Solutions for Cooperatives

Broadband Connectivity Challenges for Southeast Cooperatives

COVID-19 changed how the world lives and works and highlighted the need to close the digital divide.  Electric and telephone cooperatives understand that providing their rural communities with access to fast, reliable broadband is critical.  Without high-speed Internet access that opens doors to the digital world, underserved communities will struggle to thrive.

Rural areas need vital services like videoconferencing, tele-health, and distance education.  Only a high-quality, high-speed communications network that connects your communities to a wide variety of new digital services can eliminate the barriers that keep them from having equal opportunities as their big city counterparts. 

For cooperatives, building a network to provide rural broadband service and other add-on services to member businesses and residents in your area is a big job.  However, building the local network is only the first step. Cooperatives then need to connect their communities to the world. The scarcity of local network providers in rural areas means that you may need to connect your network to carriers in a major market like Atlanta.  Not only does this option increase latency and the risk for outages, but it also adds unnecessary staffing and costs to your solution. 

Even if national carriers can deliver the bandwidth that you need, it’s hard to know how reliable their fiber networks are without full visibility into their fiber routes.  You need to be assured that your network will be up and running in a split second in case of a failure.

Rural Broadband Cooperative Solutions

DC BLOX has cost effective and less complex solutions to cooperatives located in Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia.  You can partner with a local provider and achieve the high level of performance and connectivity you require. The DC BLOX Southeast regional network ecosystem brings together geographically dispersed, carrier-neutral Tier III data centers and connectivity hubs enabling you to offer businesses and residents reliable, high-speed Internet as well as access to a variety of public and private digital services.

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IP Transit

Exchange traffic between your network and the public Internet with capacities up to 100Gbps utilizing multiple carriers and diverse routes to ensure reliable and resilient Internet peering.

Ethernet Services

Leverage DC BLOX’s Southeast regional network to establish Ethernet Private Lines to Internet Exchanges and peering points such as the Atlanta IX at 56 Marietta and the Nashville IX, enabling peering and connectivity with hundreds of carriers and providers.

Colocation Services

Local DC BLOX colocation facilities enable you to deploy communications and compute infrastructure in a highly reliable Tier III facility. Leveraging a DC BLOX data center as a secondary location to house networking equipment can help keep your network running even in the face of a disaster.

Cloud Ramp

Enable your local businesses with private connectivity to public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and many more.

Managed Connectivity Services

Leverage DC BLOX’s networking expertise to engineer and manage connectivity between your rural network and the DC BLOX Southeast regional network. Services can include designing a resilient network solution, choosing, and managing carrier partners, deploying and managing networking equipment, and actively monitoring network connections.

Benefits of Our Rural Broadband Solutions

The ability to transport data securely and reliably to and from your regional network, and connect to a wide variety of services including Internet, phone, software-as-a-service, and online education will enable you to empower communities disproportionately affected by the digital divide.  An experienced regional network provider and data center operator, like DC BLOX, will ensure that you successfully accomplish this in a way that aligns with your unique needs, and those of your southeastern communities located in Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia.

DC BLOX Delivers These Benefits for Cooperatives:

  • A highly resilient and reliable connectivity infrastructure that enables cooperatives to provide high quality services to your end customers
  • Lower costs for connectivity compared to leasing private lines through Atlanta or other major markets
  • Avoidance of direct staff costs to manage and monitor parts of the network solution
  • A local partner with the commitment and expertise to serve its customers far beyond what any national provider could deliver

DC BLOX Connectivity Solutions for Southeastern Regional Cooperatives

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Joe Wheeler EMC Case Study

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Joe Wheeler EMC partnered with DC BLOX to get reliable, high speed Internet and telephone service to their underserved communities.

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