451 Research Report: DC BLOX Looks to Extend Services With Acquisition of Infrapoint

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451 Research released a Research Report on May 29, 2018 on the DC BLOX Infrapoint Acquisition. The report, written by Senior Analyst Dan Thompson and Stefanie Williams, a member of the Multi-Tenant Data centers Team, takes a look at DC BLOX’s recent acquisition of Infrapoint, which adds cloud and managed service capabilities in addition to data center colocation.

DC BLOX Infrapoint Acquisition: Excerpt From Report:

Atlanta-based DC BLOX is aiming to supplement its ongoing physical infrastructure growth in the Southeast with the purchase of Infrapoint, adding cloud and managed service capabilities to its portfolio. The company continues to advance its spoke-and-wheel expansion strategy with construction of its data center facility in Huntsville, Alabama, and the soon-to-be-announced purchase of land in another Alabama city, which will give it four data centers in as many markets. To better compete with established providers, especially those in the top market of Atlanta, and support pent-up local demand in its smaller markets, DC BLOX is bolstering its services.

While it has not officially announced which of Infrapoint’s services it will launch for itself, the deal should give it the ability to offer a variety of services, including private cloud, public cloud integration, cloud storage and security. Regardless, the company will continue to support Infrapoint’s existing customer base beyond the merger.

The 451 Take
After the installation of a new CEO late last year, DC BLOX has by all accounts rebooted itself and looks to be on the right path forward. The company recently raised a series B funding round that it claims will support the construction of at least another three data centers. In addition to supporting local companies in the underserved, smaller markets of Chattanooga, Tennessee and Huntsville, DC BLOX is now targeting heavily regulated industries with stringent security requirements. With the acquisition of Infrapoint, the company obtains security services that will support customers across the financial and government verticals in maintaining compliance with industry-specific requirements – obvious steps in the pursuit of those customers.

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DC BLOX Infrapoint Acquisition Impact Report written by:
Dan Thompson, Senior Analyst for 451 Research
Stefanie Williams, Member of the Multi-Tenant Datacenters Team

About 451 Research:
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