Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station

Connecting Globally: DC BLOX Redefines Hyperscale Cable Landing Stations

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Type: Cable Landing Station, Colocation

DC BLOX Cable Landing Station

In partnership with global hyperscale partners, DC BLOX is redefining the hyperscale Cable Landing Station (CLS) with its new facility in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Myrtle Beach CLS, located in the International Technology & Aerospace Park (ITAP), can host up to five subsea cables and colocation space for network and cable operators, communications providers, local enterprises, and partners.

Industry Situation

The Global Internet is a complex network across all continents of the world that is underpinned by an expansive system of subsea fiber optic cables. The accelerating scale of digital communications and the need for richer user experiences in accessing content is driving demand for higher levels of broadband capacity, including a new generation of international subsea cables.

While the early subsea cables of the Internet era were deployed by telecommunications carriers, hyperscale cloud providers are driving demand for the next generation. These providers are reshaping the subsea cable market with larger cables, higher bandwidth speeds, and landing locations that optimize delivery to their hyperscale data centers around the globe.

These changes are also driving the creation of new, innovative Cable Landing Stations (CLS). The hyperscale-friendly CLS must support much higher levels of equipment, conform to modern data center standards of reliability and security, and provide strategic site selection that matches the hyperscale network footprint.

In partnership with global hyperscale partners, DC BLOX is redefining the hyperscale Cable Landing Station with its new facility in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The CLS is located in the International Technology & Aerospace Park (ITAP).

DC BLOX Approach

The DC BLOX Myrtle Beach CLS is strategically located on the South Carolina coast between other cable landing locations in Florida and Virginia Beach, where it offers direct access to the rapidly expanding hyperscale data center footprint in the Southeast. The location provides geographic diversity among existing cable landings on the Eastern seaboard and facilitates regional connectivity to the rapidly growing Atlanta area and to Ashburn, VA.

The state-of-the-art, reliable, repeatable design of this facility will support up to 5 subsea cables. The facility will support flexible power generation configurations including multi megawatt AC power and managed rectifiers for DC power feed equipment.

Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station Key Features

Designed for up to 125,000 square feet and 19MW of power

170mph sustained hurricane wind-rated pre-cast construction and protected equipment yards

Power capacity up to 15MW

2N power generation, UPS, and switch gear

Indirect adiabatic and evaporative cooling for efficiency and sustainability, N+1 redundancy

Colocation space for cable-operators, communications providers, and partners

Myrtle Beach is well-positioned to become a node on core fiber paths from Northern Virginia
to Atlanta providing geographic diversity and resiliency from current fiber routes

Uptime Institute Tier III concurrently maintainable design and SOC 2 Type II compliant

Regional Dark Fiber Network

DC BLOX has built the first high-capacity, low-latency dark fiber East-West route from Lithia Springs, GA to Myrtle Beach, SC. The route connects into Atlanta’s Internet Exchanges and passes through Augusta and Charleston to the Myrtle Beach cable landing station offering connectivity to regional and International destinations. DC BLOX is also building a dark fiber metro ring around Atlanta connecting into the Atlanta East and Atlanta West sites as well as to the East-West route.

New dark fiber route options to suit specific customer needs are also available.

  • Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station

Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station

1401 Howard Ave
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577
Phone: 877.590.1684

Myrtle Beach Videos

Google Firmina Subsea Lands in Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach CLS Grand Opening Event

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