Dark Fiber

Regional Fiber Access for Hyperscalers & Communications Providers

Dedicated & Virtually Unlimited Bandwidth

To keep pace with ever-increasing capacity demands, Hyperscalers and communication providers are increasingly turning their attention towards dark fiber connectivity.

Scale up or down based on your bandwidth needs

Manage and maintain the network the way you want

Improve performance, increase security, and reduce latency

With dark fiber, you dictate everything about the network’s architecture, latency, and security with nearly no limits on bandwidth.

Dark Fiber Network Features & Benefits

Network Features

Build new fiber routes where you need them

High-capacity fiber count

Rolled ribbon fiber = 44% reduction in splicing

Colocation space for customer gear in ILA sites

Lowest latency east-west route

Access every 2000 ft

Available duct capacity for expansion

Right of way planning reduced costs and overhead

Key Benefits

Edge access in Southeastern US for hyperscalers and communication providers

Provides access to new Myrtle Beach cable landing station

Scale bandwidth up or down with nearly no limits

Enables geographic diversity from current Northeast to Atlanta routes

Expands reach of DC BLOX regional network and data center connectivity

ILA (In-Line Amplifier) Site Features

DC BLOX’s dark fiber routes are supported by state-of-the-art ILA (in-line amplifier) sites to support our customer’s communications equipment. With more and more mission-critical application data being transmitted regionally and internationally, ensuring ILA site performance and uptime is more important than ever.

ILA Hut Campus View

ILA Site – Campus View

Distinguishing Features

The distinguishing features of our ILA sites over last generation ILA huts include:

Space between sites optimized for optical network performance (20dB maximum ILA spacing)

100Amps available per cabinet

155kW total power per site, expandable to 465kW each

Full A+B Power with generator backup on A side; 72 hours of diesel run time

Customizable space and power to optimize colocation costs

Gas-based fire protection and suppression

Full SCADA/security monitoring and management

ILA Hut Internal Retail Space

Internal View – Retail Space

ILA Hut Internal View - DC Powered

Internal View – DC Powered

ILA Hut Internal View - DC Powered

Internal View – DC Powered

Regional Dark Fiber Network

DC BLOX has built the first high-capacity, low-latency dark fiber East-West route from Lithia Springs, GA to Myrtle Beach, SC. The route connects into Atlanta’s Internet Exchanges and passes through Augusta and Charleston to the Myrtle Beach cable landing station offering connectivity to regional and International destinations. DC BLOX is also building a dark fiber metro ring around Atlanta connecting into the Atlanta East and Atlanta West sites as well as to the East-West route.

New dark fiber route options to suit specific customer needs are also available.

Custom Network Design & Construction

Beat Competitors to Edge Markets

The pace of bandwidth demand and network expansion is accelerating faster than ever before – and not just in big metros areas.  

But while traditional providers are focused on filling existing pipes in the biggest cities, DC BLOX is building exactly where you need to be in the Southeast for subsea access, cloud performance and key peering points at the edge and at hyperscale capacities.

Design & Construction

Put simply, our team builds digital infrastructure, be it new dark fiber, cable landing stations or data centers. Our motivation is also simple: we partner with customers on what they need and build where that need lives.

Our design team brings decades of local knowledge and relationships to our construction projects to optimize factors such as rights of way, municipal incentives and real estate terms.

Our hyperscale portfolio boasts 484 planned megawatts across multiple locations throughout the Southeastern US. With over 200 acres available for campus growth, we can aid you in accelerating regional deployment of your services.

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You’re in Control

If you need a private connection and have the means to operate and maintain it, a dark fiber network may be the best solution for your business.  

Or if you’re looking for the power of dark fiber but don’t have the resources or expertise to manage the network, we can light it and manage it for you. Essentially, we’ll bring the network to you at whatever level fits your organization. 

What are your biggest challenges and opportunities? DC BLOX is ready to work with you to deliver the dark fiber network that best meets your organization’s needs.  

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