Our purpose is simple.

Serve Locally, Connect Globally

DC BLOX provides secure, reliable tier III data centers, a robust connectivity ecosystem, and dark fiber solutions to businesses in growing markets.  We are passionate about driving progress in communities where the foundational infrastructure for the digital economy is limited.  

At DC BLOX we understand that businesses are facing increasing challenges that have a profound impact on their ability to compete and grow in their markets.   

Key business challenges include:

  • Businesses are being driven to rapidly change the way that they operate and deliver services and must connect customers to infrastructure in their markets and across the globe.
  • The pandemic accelerated digital transformation.  The cloud, increasing mobility, big data and more, require businesses to increase their agility to move from the old way of doing business to the new.
  • New physical and network infrastructure is needed.  Businesses must work with state and local governments to build that infrastructure, and to develop the workforce and culture to grow their tech economies.

Our Mission

DC BLOX exists to empower growing communities where secure, reliable multi-tenant data centers and rich connectivity options are limited.  Our foundational infrastructure enables businesses to succeed in today’s digital economy.

We Serve Local Markets by:

  • Meeting business’s local and regional data center needs with Tier III rated facilities that provide the security, reliability, cost-efficiency, and expertise, allowing them to focus resources strategically.
  • Connecting businesses to any destination worldwide through our private network, global ecosystem of communications partners, and dark fiber routes. Connectivity to the cloud, to partners, and to providers is provisioned quickly leveraging a software defined network fabric, enabling fast response to business opportunities.
  • Empowering the local communities where we do business. That means investing capital for data center and fiber network construction, and offering resources, services, and facilities to local organizations, enhancing our communities through training, collaboration, and education.

We think this is going to be a compelling infrastructure asset for us to attract new companies that use data – whether they’re interested in precision medicine or high-tech, high-growth startups like ShiptFleetio or Therapy Brands.

Director of the Birmingham Mayor’s Office for Innovation and Economic Development, Josh Carpenter

Local Data Centers Connecting Digital Business

DC BLOX develops core infrastructure that attracts technology-dependent companies and jobs to their regions and helps local businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals. We accomplish that by developing relationships with state, county and city governments, industry groups, community organizations and chambers of commerce, and dedicating resources to help the local community.

That is what we mean at DC BLOX when we say that we Serve Locally and Connect Globally.

This is about technology. This is about the rebirth of Alabama’s economy as we shift more to tech-driven opportunities.

Alabama Commerce Secretary, Greg Canfield

This is the essential infrastructure for the digital economy, and it’s going to be catalytic for the Upstate.

Greenville, South Carolina Mayor Knox White

DC BLOX data center interior with network overlay

Serve Locally, Connect Globally

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