DC BLOX Shared Responsibility at the Data Center

Security is an inseparable part of the services provided by DC BLOX. Our secure state-of-the-art data center facilities are designed to address all the physical and environmental security requirements of all of our customers, supporting safe and secure operations that are designed to comply with every relevant standard, rule and regulation. Our customers can design, implement and maintain their own systems and network within our data center in the right way to fit their needs, knowing that we will continue to support all of their physical and environmental security requirements even as they evolve.

It is important to keep in mind that DC BLOX does not interact directly with customer systems and networks. As such, we have defined a “shared responsibility” model for maintaining the overall security of DC BLOX customers installations. Under this model:

DC BLOX is responsible for:

  • The physical security of the data center facilities;
  • The environmental security of the data center facilities;
  • Provisioning power, cooling and network connectivity to our customers.

DC BLOX customers are responsible for:

  • All network, system, security and other devices installed within their assigned cage or cabinets inside of the data center facilities;
  • All internal network, system, and device logical and physical operations for their installation;
  • Ensuring that DC BLOX is provided updated lists of customer personnel that are authorized to visit and/or work within their installations at all times.

For questions or concerns about security, or to report a suspected incident, please contact support@dcblox.com.