Connectivity & Fiber Overview

Accelerating Digital Transformation with DC BLOX Connectivity & Fiber Solutions

Digital transformation, driven by rapid advances in technology and customer expectations, is impacting every industry and disrupting many. Businesses need their IT teams to help accelerate growth and avoid competitive threats. But with growing digitization, IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly distributed. Mobile users want to consume services from wherever they are. IT is leveraging SaaS applications and public cloud infrastructure to replace on-premises deployments. Databases must be managed securely in the company’s data center. Data needs to be collected and analyzed from IoT devices. Information needs to be shared with partners.

However, legacy infrastructure and local communications providers may not be able to meet the bandwidth, latency, location, cost and schedule requirements necessary to help businesses realize their digital goals. CIOs need to shed those constraints and enhance their agility to win in today’s business environment.

The Best of Both Worlds

DC BLOX offers flexibility by providing Data Center Connectivity Services for easy, reliable and cost-effective network integration between all of the components of your IT infrastructure. In addition, DC BLOX Dark Fiber solutions and Custom-Network Construction services enables the most scalable, high-capacity network solutions to meet specific customer network needs.

Data Center Connectivity Services

DC BLOX Connectivity Services enable customers collocated in any DC BLOX data center or connected to the DC BLOX Connectivity eXchange, to:

  • Get resilient Internet access
  • Interconnect with built-in carriers and regional exchanges
  • Gain private access to public cloud providers

It’s the fast-path to connecting distributed IT systems.

DC BLOX Network Map

Dark Fiber

We didn’t change the game.
We changed the playing field.

As enterprises and hyperscalers move closer to the edge and into secondary markets in the southeast, DC BLOX Fiber offers a unique alternative.  While traditional providers are focused on filling existing pipes in major cities, our strategically designed routes connect to all the places you need to be in the Southeast for subsea access, cloud performance and key peering points at the edge and at hyperscale capacities.

Driving Business Performance

Before now, building a strategy for data center, dark fiber and lit services required three separate conversations – likely with three different providers that are not motivated to unify a solution.  Each is good at one thing and focused there.  That’s no longer the case.  DC BLOX has changed the playing field.

Fiber Built a Better Way

When the stars align between design, financing, government, and team, there is a “better way” to deliver quality fiber routes. Our assembly of fiber veterans had the luxury of aligning those stars for DC BLOX’s high capacity routes including Atlanta to Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station.

DC BLOX Connectivity & Dark Fiber Solutions

Connectivity eXchange

The DC BLOX Connectivity eXchange enables participants anywhere within the DC BLOX connectivity ecosystem to peer across a high-bandwidth, low-latency software-defined fabric.

Dark Fiber

We built the first dark fiber route between Lithia Springs, Georgia and our new Myrtle Beach cable landing station providing Edge access in the Southeast for hyperscalers and communication providers.

Custom Network Construction

DC BLOX designs and builds digital infrastructure, be it new dark fiber, cable landing stations or data centers.

Cloud Ramp

Cloud Ramp provides private, high-performance network connectivity to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access is a multi-homed service with speeds from 50Mbps to 10Gbps and more.

Ethernet Services

We’re now MEF 2.0 certified and include Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) and Ethernet Virtual LAN (E-LAN).

Hybrid IT

Our flexible Hybrid IT Solutions allow you to choose what workloads are in public clouds and what systems remain on premise or in a DC BLOX colocation facility.

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity

Our DC BLOX data centers give you access to a private, high-speed network fabric that enables you to interconnect with any organization in any DC BLOX data center.

Rural Broadband

The DC BLOX Southeast regional network ecosystem enables rural broadband cooperatives to offer businesses and residents reliable, high-speed Internet and access to a variety of public and private digital services.

Navigating the Challenges of Connectivity in Today’s Digital Age

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DC BLOX Connectivity Solutions for Southeastern Regional Cooperatives

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Five Networking Challenges of Digital Transformation

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Children’s of Alabama Case Study

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Download our case study to learn how Children’s of Alabama partnered with DC BLOX to gain access to a myriad of connectivity options through the DC BLOX Connectivity eXchange (DCB-CX).

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