the Building BLOX Award Nomination

Do you work with a DC BLOX employee that has displayed exemplary performance or has made a significant contribution to your team/organization? Now you have a way to say thank you!

The Building BLOX Award is designed to recognize excellent work and promote team spirit! DC BLOX recognizes and appreciates the strength of our team and the value that it brings to our customers, investors and company culture. We can’t build a great company without a great team, so let’s go ahead and appreciate those that are leading by example.

The Nomination Process

Nomination: To nominate a DC BLOX employee, one of the nomination forms below must be completed and submitted. If you are a DC BLOX employee, complete the internal submission form. Otherwise, complete the external submission form.

Award Selection Committee: Jeff Uphues, Kevin O’Donnell, Kurt Stoever, and Bill Thomson

All nominations will be reviewed by the Award Selection Committee who will make the final decision.

Criteria: Nominations may be made for superior performance and/or contribution by a DC BLOX employee involving activities such as but not limited to internal or external customer service, productivity/work processes, financial results, serving locally or outstanding leadership.

Reward: Awards will be given throughout the year as submissions are reviewed and selected.

  • Each employee nominated will receive a $50 Amazon gift card or a DC BLOX-branded swag item – regardless of if they are selected.
  • Award winners will receive $100 Amazon gift card, 1 custom DC BLOX swag item of their choice, and a special award memento.

Building BLOX Nomination Form – Internal Submission

Complete this form if you are a DC BLOX employee.

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Building BLOX Nomination Form – External Submission

Complete this form if you are not a DC BLOX employee.

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Thank you for taking the time to nominate one of our team members!