ClarisHealth Case Study

Digital Transformation Initiative Drives Reliability and Cost Efficiency Improvements

ClarisHealth is an innovator in payment integrity technologies for healthcare, delivering A.I.-enabled solutions that combat systemic challenges in cost containment, identification, overpayment recovery services and more. Since it was launched as a startup a number of years ago, the company has continued to grow led by executives whose experience in the industry goes back 25 years.

In keeping with a strong growth trajectory, increasingly complex and expanding data requirements created a need for ramped up digital capabilities at ClarisHealth. With healthcare information security remaining paramount and the company needing to remain ahead of availability and reliability requirements, ClarisHealth sought a trusted data center partner.

Evolving Requirements Demand an Improved Infrastructure Strategy

ClarisHealth’s IT infrastructure, including networking equipment and servers, was originally housed at the company’s headquarters in Nashville. Although this approach remained fully compliant with all necessary healthcare information standards, the company found that this IT environment’s performance was less than ideal – especially in the face of new business growth and increasing demands. Further necessitating a need for improved infrastructure was the onset of COVID-19, which shifted the company’s resources away from this on-site location.

The company sought a solution that would offer cost optimization opportunities on top of performance enhancements to ensure it could achieve its operational objectives and maintain a high service level to its clients while minimizing complexity. As a result, ClarisHealth realized that a dedicated, high-performance data center environment from a colocation provider would deliver an ideal mix of cost efficiency, reliability, security, ease of management and more. To ensure the utmost redundancy and availability, ClarisHealth sought a provider with a data center portfolio that was well situated in order to establish a disaster recovery site.

Fortifying Reliability and Connectivity for Enhanced Service Excellence

DC BLOX was selected as ClarisHealth’s colocation partner due to its optimal geographic location, available service offerings, Tier III-designed data centers and more. ClarisHealth chose DC BLOX’s Huntsville data center as its primary processing and hosting location, originally utilizing its own Nashville office as a secondary location for redundancy. As its relationship with DC BLOX developed – and as the global health crisis shaped the company’s operations – this strategy eventually evolved to utilize DC BLOX’s Atlanta data center location in place of the company’s own headquarters.

To complement its applications hosted in the AWS cloud, ClarisHealth was also able to leverage DC BLOX’s Cloud Ramp services. This move ensured a high-speed direct private connection into the AWS data center in Northern Virginia, offering a seamless hybrid IT experience for the company in service of its customers. Combined with DC BLOX’s high-speed, regional network fabric between data centers, ClarisHealth was now empowered with a purpose-built, robust environment for its equipment and holistic, secure connectivity for its data.

Flexibility and Agility Enables Long-Term Success

Since moving its IT equipment into DC BLOX facilities, ClarisHealth has benefitted from dramatically increased uptime for more reliable technology operation, along with enhanced cost optimization, better connectivity and an overall more robust environment that empowers success. Furthermore, as a data center provider whose high-trust facilities adhere strictly to HIPAA requirements, DC BLOX helped ClarisHealth keep its digital transformation simple and secure.

“In order to continue supporting our customers and delivering the innovative services that help them thrive, we needed a complete solution that met an array of needs: geographic redundancy, security, reliability and more,” comments Eric Kyle, Director of IT for ClarisHealth. “After reading reviews of DC BLOX, it was clear that they were a top-notch provider, and after touring their facility, it was apparent that their data centers were ideal for our needs. This was a proactive move to maintain a strong position that offers our customers the best possible outcomes now and into the future.”

As ClarisHealth’s operations continue to evolve, a trusted colocation provider and a robust data center environment will continue to support these growth trajectories with a firm foundation of flexibility, reliability, security and connectivity. Today, the company remains confident that it is able to remain ahead of customer needs and deliver high levels of service excellence.

DC BLOX owns and operates interconnected multi-tenant data centers that deliver the infrastructure and connectivity essential to power today’s digital business. DC BLOX’s colocation facilities, robust connectivity ecosystem, dark fiber solutions, and hyperscale-ready data centers provide the digital infrastructure necessary to enable the rapid growth of the Southeast’s digital economy. DC BLOX’s data centers are located in Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL; Chattanooga, TN; Greenville, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC, with several others in development. For more information, please visit, call +1.877.590.1684, and connect with DC BLOX on X, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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About ClarisHealth
ClarisHealth is the answer to the health plan industry’s siloed solutions and traditional models for identification and overpayment recovery services. ClarisHealth provides health plans and payers with total visibility into payment integrity operations through its proprietary advanced cost containment technology platform Pareo®. Pareo enables health plans to maximize avoidance and recoveries at the most optimized cost for a 10x return on their software investment. For more information, please visit

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