Connectivity eXchange

The Colocation Solution for Interconnection: DCB:CX

DC BLOX has created its Connectivity eXchange to address the need for agile, efficient and resilient interconnectivity in underserved markets across the Southeast. The DC BLOX Connectivity eXchange (DCB-CX) is an interconnection platform that enables participants anywhere within the DC BLOX connectivity ecosystem to privately peer across a high-bandwidth, low-latency software-defined fabric.

The Colocation Solution For Connectivity Diagram

Each DC BLOX data center is an exchange point (EXP) on the DCB-CX, enabling one-to-one private peering and connectivity relationships. The DCB-CX is where carriers, ISPs, content delivery networks, hyperscale cloud providers, research institutions, rural broadband providers, and enterprise networks connect locally, regionally, and globally.

The DCB-CX offers low-latency connectivity across its footprint providing virtual connections to built-in carriers, public cloud providers, regional Internet Exchanges (IX) and participating entities.

Private, High-Speed Network Fabric

Connectivity eXchange Benefits:

Private optical network across Southeastern US

Virtual cross-connects to carriers in any DC BLOX data center

100G+ connections between every data center

Low-latency to Internet Exchanges – hundreds of carrier connections

Private connectivity to all the major Cloud Providers

Software-defined network for rapid provisioning

Where Can We Take You Next?

With the DCB-CX platform and our team of Engineering Experts, DC BLOX will work with you to design a scalable, secure solution that can accelerate your growth and address rapidly changing connectivity requirements.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Connectivity eXchange.