Custom Network Design & Construction

The Edge is Closer Than You Think

Beat Competitors to Edge Markets

The pace of bandwidth demand and network expansion is accelerating faster than ever before – and not just in big metros areas.  

But while traditional providers are focused on filling existing pipes in the biggest cities, DC BLOX is building exactly where you need to be in the Southeast for subsea access, cloud performance and key peering points at the edge and at hyperscale capacities.

Design & Construction

Put simply, our team builds digital infrastructure, be it new dark fiber, cable landing stations or data centers. Our motivation is also simple: we partner with customers on what they need and build where that need lives.

Our design team brings decades of local knowledge and relationships to our construction projects to optimize factors such as rights of way, municipal incentives and real estate terms.

Recent Projects

Atlanta to Myrtle Beach Dark Fiber

DC BLOX dark fiber route to Atlanta

Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station Groundbreaking

Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station Groundbreaking

Where Can We Take You Next?

Have an unmet need for fiber? Talk to our team about our capacity to source or build to meet those needs.

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