Hybrid IT Solutions

Hybrid IT Challenges

The cloud is fundamentally changing the IT landscape. On-demand resources, virtually infinite scalability and capital avoidance are strong drivers that are causing a mass migration of workloads out of the enterprise data center. However, there are good reasons to maintain direct control of some IT infrastructure, thus spawning a hybrid IT architecture that leverages the benefits of each environment. Still, devising a hybrid IT solution has its own challenges.

Security & Regulatory Compliance – These are possibly the biggest challenges facing adoption of hybrid IT. Organizations have honed the policies, processes and procedures for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data over many years. Moving to a cloud or hybrid environment requires new governance methods for the transfer of sensitive data. The more clouds the more security platforms need to be managed.

Scale – An attractive attribute of cloud is its virtually infinite scalability. To assume that scale is only required in the public cloud is short sighted. On premise resources need to be able to scale as well. That includes network bandwidth, connection points, data center power and space and the resources necessary to securely operate and maintain them.

Network Complexity – Hybrid IT inherently increases network complexity. Connectivity between infrastructure in a data center or colocation facility and resources in the cloud needs to have predictable latency, strong security and flexible capacity. The public Internet is not a suitable connectivity option for many applications, and the complexity increases when you introduce multiple cloud providers. The network location matters, and options can be limited and expensive depending on where the on-premise data center is sited.

Hybrid IT Solutions That Enable Digital Business

Resilient Colocation Data Centers

DC BLOX operates cost effective Tier III colocation data centers, designed and constructed using the most state-of-the art methods and techniques. Each data center is designed to be concurrently maintainable with N+1 generator and UPS backup systems, dual path (A & B) power busses for greater resiliency, and 100% SLA for power, temperature and humidity. Placing private cloud or legacy applications in a DC BLOX data center facilitates secure private connections to all major public cloud and SaaS providers.

Private Network for Cloud Provider Access

All DC BLOX data centers have built-in private network connectivity to all major public cloud and SaaS providers with DC BLOX Cloud Ramp. Data is carried to the Atlanta Internet Exchange in milliseconds over DC BLOX’s network, where it can connect to cloud and SaaS providers in any region by network partner Megaport. And DC BLOX’s software-defined network provides rapid and flexible connections in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Benefits of Our Hybrid IT Solutions

The ability to choose what workloads are in public clouds and what systems remain on premise or in a connected colocation facility offers tremendous flexibility. You need a solution that reduces complexity, costs and security risks while ensuring performance and reliability. Housing your IT infrastructure in a DC BLOX colocation facility with secure private connectivity to the cloud is your solution.

DC BLOX hybrid IT Solutions deliver these benefits:

Secure, reliable, cost-effective colocation with robust connectivity options

Greatly simplifies the process of directly connecting with public cloud providers

Increased network security and performance versus public Internet connections

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