Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions That Keep Your IT Strategic

With the rapid pace of today’s business, your IT resources need to be focused on your company’s strategic initiatives. DC BLOX’s data center solutions bring expertise, efficiency and productivity that will eliminate the worry and keep your resources focused where they should be.

Colocation Where You Need it

DC BLOX data centers are strategically located to meet the needs of underserved markets in the Southeastern United States.

Whether you are a local business who has not had a Tier III colocation facility nearby with fast connectivity to the Internet exchanges, or an application or content provider who needs infrastructure to be closer to your consumers in the Southeast, then DC BLOX has a retail or wholesale solution for you.

Colocation Services
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Cloud Storage for Robust Data Protection

The rapid growth of data and the continuing need to protect it is driving the necessity for more robust yet cost-effective data storage solutions.

DC BLOX Cloud Storage is a turn-key hyper-scale storage solution that supports a variety of business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios. Backup data from your business premises for off-site protection or replicate from one or our data centers to another for geographic diversity.

Cloud Storage

Disaster Recovery

DC BLOX’s Tier III colocation data centers and connectivity services provide the foundation for DC BLOX’s IT disaster recovery solutions.

We provide the building blocks that can be constructed to create an IT disaster recovery plan from rudimentary cold fail-over and data backup to active-active data centers.

Disaster Recovery
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DC BLOX Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station

Cable Landing Station

The DC BLOX Myrtle Beach CLS is strategically located on the South Carolina coast between other cable landing locations in Florida and Virginia Beach, where it offers direct access to the rapidly expanding hyperscale data center footprint in the Southeast. The location provides geographic diversity among existing cable landings on the Eastern seaboard and facilitates regional connectivity to the rapidly growing Atlanta area and to Ashburn, VA.

The route offers significant capacity to meet customer needs as well as a duct bank for future strategy.

Myrtle Beach CLS

High Performance Computing

DC BLOX has developed a special data hall design that accommodates both HPC and standard cabinets within the same space. 

In addition, a new “flex space” design enables the efficient allocation of floor space and power between HPC and standard cabinets to accommodate variations in local demand, providing a common space that handles more of either type of cabinet.

High Performance Computing
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The Value of Connected Data Centers in Southeast Edge Markets

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Download our whitepaper to read how connected data centers provide the agility needed to rapidly deploy new services, enabling a new set of capabilities to help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

Strategic Data Center Partnerships Accelerate Digital Transformation

Read why strategic data center partnerships are one of the smartest relationships a business can form in developing their digital transformation strategy.