How Birmingham Won the $785 Million DC BLOX Investment

DC BLOX Birmingham Alabama data center rendering

Birmingham Business Alliance – July 27, 2018.
DC BLOX recently announced the development of a data center campus in Birmingham. The Birmingham Business Alliance was proud to play a role in attracting DC BLOX to the city and acknowledged the significant win and positive impact the new data center facility will have on the region. In this article, Rick Davis, Senior Vice President of Economic Development for the Birmingham Business Alliance, discusses the win and the positive impact it will have on the region.

The Birmingham data center will be DC BLOX’s fourth one, with a build-out plan to establish a network of data centers across 19 secondary Southeastern markets.

Excerpt from the article:
DC BLOX CEO Jeff Uphues said it himself – his company could have gone anywhere.

The DC BLOX team ranked the top 40 markets in the Southeast in an exhaustive quantitative analysis and chose Birmingham – a city Uphues called “a hidden jewel in the Southeast” – because of its proximity to Atlanta, its investment in physical infrastructure, its higher education and its economic development activity. The final call was made, Uphues said, when he and his team experienced what he called “the heart of Birmingham,” and the company chose the Magic City to transform a 27-acre site in Birmingham into a technology and innovation campus that will become the flagship property for the company. Over the next decade, the project has the potential to represent a $785 million investment in the city.

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