Jeff Uphues at DCD Connect 2024

DC BLOX, a provider of multi-tenant data centers, dark fiber, and connectivity solutions that deliver the infrastructure essential to power today’s digital business, will attend DCD Connect in New York on March 18-19! DC BLOX’s Jeff Uphues, CEO, and a panel of experts will lead an open debate discussion on key factors that are revolutionizing the data center landscape and the impacts of those factors in relation to the evolution of the Edge.

2024 DCD Connect Debate: Living on the Edge – is this the key to revolutionizing the data center landscape?

New York, NY

March 18-19, 2024, 3:30PM EST

DC BLOX Attendees:
Jeff Uphues, CEO

The demand for low-latency and high-speed data is obvious. What may not yet be obvious is the impact hyperscalers are having on the evolution of the Edge. However, as infrastructure demands meet the demands for an accelerated Edge, the shift towards data centers as a service sparks new thinking: largely about the trajectory of AI’s ascent within the Edge. Can New York’s carrier hotels for example, driven by diverse renters, be examples of how new locations can meet escalating demands in urban areas? Can Tower companies and mobile operators capitalize on bringing computing power within the last mile in other parts of the US? Or do we need to throw out traditional thinking and begin creating micro-data centers that can remain cost-effective in urban and rural areas?

Held under Chatham House Rule, DCD>Debates are open discussions led by a panel of experts, on the biggest issues to face the industry.

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