Jeff Wabik profile

Jeff Wabik

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Wabik is responsible for DC BLOX’s strategic technology development. Since joining the company, he has managed the deployment and growth of its software-automated, multi-terabit, service delivery networks which underpin DC BLOX’s edge-connected solutions.

For more than 30 years, Jeff has combined imagination, vision, and a deep technical acumen to create next-generation technologies for both start-up and mature organizations. Jeff’s experience includes data center network operations, embedded software development, information security, business development, and creation of L2 switching and L3 routing platforms, including the world’s first multi-Gigabit router. Jeff has held senior technical management positions at Ciena, Ascend Communications, and Lucent Technologies.

Jeff graduated from the University of Minnesota with dual BA degrees in Computer Science and Geology. In his free time, he is a fitness addict, a commercial and instrument rated pilot, an avid snowboarder and plays the drums in rock-n-roll bands.