Our Referral Program is Simple and Fast

If your company has customers and prospects that have data center, connectivity and cloud storage needs, there is no easier way to satisfy them than with a DC BLOX Referral. Simply complete the form below and receive a 3% referral fee (of total deal value) when the prospect signs a DC BLOX service agreement (subject to the DC BLOX Referral Program Terms and Conditions).

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

The DC BLOX Referral Program (the “Program”) provides compensation for individuals who refer deal opportunities that eventually contract for services with DC BLOX.

  1. Only registered leads that are accepted by DC BLOX are eligible to earn compensation on a referral. Leads are registered online at https://www.dcblox.com/referral-program/. Submittal of a lead denotes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Any registered lead that meets the following criteria are excluded from the Program and no payments will be made without a separately negotiated referral fee agreement: (i) colocation space greater than 18 cabinets; (ii) colocation power 200kW or above; (iii) colocation metered power; (iv) storage 500TB or greater; (v) 100GE or greater network services; (vi) any service relating to Secure Compartmentalized Information (SCI).
  3. DC BLOX will confirm via return e-mail within three (3) business days if the lead is accepted. Registered leads shall expire three (3) months following acceptance unless the lead is resubmitted and accepted. DC BLOX is under no obligation to disclose reason(s) for non-acceptance of a lead nor shall DC BLOX engage in deceptive or misleading practices in pursuit of submitted leads.
  4. Registered and accepted leads that become DC BLOX customers will earn a one-time referral payment of three percent (3%) of total contract value. Total contract value excludes revenue from equipment charges, non-recurring revenue and one-time set up fees, governmental surcharges, fees and taxes, 3rd party licensing and, applicable federal, state or local taxes, duties, surcharges or license fees.
  5. The referral payment will become due one (1) month after DC BLOX has received payment from DC BLOX’s customer for the first two months of contracted services. Once payment has been made, DC BLOX will have discharged its responsibilities and shall have no other further obligations, responsibilities or liabilities.
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