ai and hpc abstract of a data center

Empowering the Future with AI/ML and HPC Excellence

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the demand for AI-driven applications and high-performance computing (HPC) is skyrocketing. As technology continues to advance, data centers play a pivotal role in supporting these transformative capabilities. At DC … Read More

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Hyperscalers Are Building the Route to New Edge Capacity

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the demand for low-latency applications and the exponential growth of data have spurred the emergence of edge data centers. While many providers have goals to bring applications closer to … Read More

digital connectivity abstract

Moving to the Edge in the Southeast US, a Real-Life Story

As the need for digital infrastructure continues to surge, significant investments are now being made in areas outside major metropolitan areas, traditionally known as core or hub markets. Smaller cities such as Birmingham Alabama and … Read More

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Not Your Grandfather’s Data Center

How Connectivity is Driving Data Center Evolution Back in the day, a multi-tenant data center was just a fancy piece of commercial real estate. Sure, the building had special features including large open rooms for … Read More

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Hardened Data Center Facilities in Hard Times

If there is anything that 2020 has reminded us, it’s to expect the unexpected. Many companies thought they had a business continuity plan in place that had them covered. A major storm? No problem. Power … Read More

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Understanding Data Center Tier Ratings

What Are Uptime Institute Data Center Tiers? The Uptime Institute was created in the late 1980’s with a purpose of aiding data center companies in measuring and demonstrating expected facility performance. Acquired by the 451 … Read More