Which City is the ‘Southern Silicon Valley?’ Birmingham or Huntsville?

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AL.com – September 18, 2018.
Over the last year, some national publications have claimed Huntsville is the “Southern Silicon Valley” while others bestow this coveted title to Birmingham.

DC BLOX is expanding its presence in both key growth markets and is well positioned to serve the needs of the Huntsville and Birmingham business communities. DC BLOX has invested significantly in both cities with a recently opened data center in Huntsville and the announcement of a data center campus in Birmingham.

Excerpt from the article:
Birmingham is the Magic City. Huntsville is the Rocket City.

But which Alabama city has the better claim to be, as some publications recently put it, the “Southern Silicon Valley?”

No less an authority than the Wall Street Journal gave Huntsville the nickname, saying it was one of three cities in the U.S. that represent the future of the tech industry. Entrepreneur said it’s one of seven cities competing with Silicon Valley.

Forbes and Barron’s recently slapped the “Southern” moniker on Birmingham. Livability called it an-up and-coming tech spot. U.S. News said it is one of 10 cities where gig workers can flourish.

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