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Data Center Interconnection: Enabling Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, driven by rapid advances in technology and customer expectations, is impacting every industry and disrupting many. Businesses need their IT teams to help accelerate growth and avoid competitive threats. But with growing digitization, IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly distributed. Mobile users want to consume services from wherever they are. IT is leveraging SaaS applications and public cloud infrastructure to avoid on-premise deployments. Databases must be managed securely in the company’s data center. Data needs to be collected and analyzed from IoT devices. Information needs to be shared with partners.

However, legacy infrastructure and local communications providers may not be able to meet the bandwidth, latency, location, cost and schedule requirements necessary to help businesses realize their digital goals. CIOs need to shed those constraints and enhance their agility to win in today’s business environment.

The Colocation Solution for Interconnection: DCB:CX

DC BLOX has created its Connectivity eXchange to address the need for agile, efficient and resilient interconnectivity in underserved markets across the Southeast. The DC BLOX Connectivity eXchange (DCB-CX) is an interconnection platform that enables participants anywhere within the DC BLOX connectivity ecosystem to peer across a high-bandwidth, low-latency software-defined fabric.

Each DC BLOX data center is an exchange point (EXP) on the DCB-CX, enabling private peering and connectivity relationships. The DCB-CX is where carriers, ISPs, content delivery networks, hyperscale cloud providers, research institutions, rural broadband providers, and enterprise networks connect locally, regionally, and globally. The DCB-CX offers low-latency connectivity across its footprint providing virtual connections to built-in carriers, public cloud providers, regional Internet Exchanges (IX) and participating entities.

The Colocation Solution for Connectivity diagram

DCB-CX: Private, High-Speed Network Fabric Benefits:

  • Private optical network across Southeastern US
  • Virtual cross-connects to carriers in any DC BLOX data center
  • 100G+ connections between every data center
  • Low-latency to Internet Exchanges – hundreds of carrier connections
  • Private connectivity to all the major Cloud Providers
  • Software-defined network for rapid provisioning

With the DCB-CX platform and our team of Engineering Experts, DC BLOX will work with you to design a scalable, secure solution that can accelerate your growth and address rapidly changing connectivity requirements. 

DC BLOX Data Center Network & Connectivity Services

Our data centers are equipped with robust networking enabling connectivity across a wealth of providers, partners and platforms.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access is a multi-homed service with speeds from 50Mbps to 10Gbps and more.

Ethernet Services

We’re now MEF 2.0 certified and include Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) and Ethernet Virtual LAN (E-LAN).

Cloud Ramp

Cloud Ramp provides private, high-performance network connectivity to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity

The DC BLOX Connectivity Exchange (DCB-CX) is an interconnection platform that enables participants anywhere within the DC BLOX connectivity ecosystem to peer across a high-bandwidth, low-latency software-defined fabric.

Network and connectivity branding lines
DC BLOX Network Map

Navigating the Challenges of Connectivity in Today’s Digital Age

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Children’s of Alabama Case Study

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