IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

IT Disaster Recovery Challenges

Threats, risks, outages, failures, disasters … bad things happen. Having your business-critical systems unavailable for even a short period of time can have significant financial impacts. However, planning for all imaginable risk is impossible. As an IT leader responsible for ensuring the availability of the digital operations that support your business, you can’t do it alone. You need partners with assets and tools to help you protect the myriad of applications, platforms and data that run your business.

The costs of IT disaster recovery solutions can be high. For systems with low RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) or RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives), maintaining a secondary data center site along with a private, low latency connection between locations to synchronize your applications and data can stress your budget. And most companies would rather preserve their capital for core business investments.

Data is increasing in value every day, and you need to protect it. Backing up data within your current business location or data center won’t cut it anymore. You’ve got to get it to a different location efficiently and cost-effectively, and you know you need to retire those outdated tape backup systems.

The cloud has emerged as an important option for IT disaster recovery solutions, but it requires connectivity between your local systems and possibly multiple cloud providers for a disaster recovery plan involving various applications.

With a variety of disaster scenarios to plan for, what you need is a set of capabilities that can be assembled in ala-carte fashion to meet your goals.

IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

There is no perfect answer on how to design an IT disaster recovery plan. The best possible outcome is a set of intentional and measured trade-offs. DC BLOX provides the building blocks or “Legos” that can be constructed to create an IT disaster recovery plan from rudimentary cold fail-over and data backup to active-active data centers.

Resilient Colocation Data Centers

The foundation of DC BLOX’s IT disaster recovery solution is cost effective Tier III colocation data centers, designed and constructed using the most state of the art methods and techniques. Each data center is designed to be concurrently maintainable with N+1 generator and UPS backup systems, dual path (A & B) power busses for greater resiliency, and 100% SLA for power, temperature and humidity.

DC BLOX data centers are strategically placed in mid-markets within driving distance from major metropolitan areas like Atlanta and Nashville allowing IT staff to travel to a disaster recovery site and be home for dinner.

Private Network for Continuous Availability

Building upon the data center foundation is DC BLOX’s high bandwidth, low latency network and data center connectivity services. All DC BLOX data centers are connected with a minimum of 100Gbps links, optically engineered to ensure less than 5ms latency and guaranteed route protection.

DC BLOX’s layer-2 network service enables VLANs to be intelligently stretched across data centers enabling active-active synchronization for a true continuous availability solution.

Cloud Storage for Backup & Recovery

Within each data center is a cloud storage platform optimized for data backup and recovery that can be extended across multiple sites for geographic diversity. DC BLOX Cloud Storage may be accessed from within a data center or as a backup target from a business location over the internet or private network connection (per availability). Data is encrypted in transit and at rest for protection and erasure coded for extra durability.

Competitively priced against hyper-scale cloud alternatives, you know where your data securely lives at a DC BLOX data center.

Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery

IT Disaster recovery plans often include public cloud infrastructure due to the benefit of on-demand resources. However, hybrid cloud disaster recovery scenarios may require communication between company-owned infrastructure and these cloud workloads.

DC BLOX Cloud Ramp enables private, on-demand connections to multiple cloud providers and regions from any DC BLOX data center location.

Benefits of Our IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

IT Disaster recovery strategies are evolving from recovery and redundancy to resiliency. Every organization has different needs, requirements and tolerance for outages; one size cannot fit all. Using DC BLOX’s foundational blocks, companies can create best fit IT disaster recovery solutions that address specific risks.

Near site geo-diversity from primary data center that mitigates natural and man-made risks.

Low cost secondary data storage that can be replicated across as many data centers as preferred.

Active/Active configurations that create an “always on” application environment where downtime is unacceptable.

Secure private connections to public cloud providers for hybrid cloud disaster recovery scenarios.

Redundancy across physical plant, network routes and data storage locations enhance resiliency.

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