How to Avoid an IT Disaster

IT Disaster Recovery Series eBook

At some point, every business will face an adverse event that will threaten to shut down their IT systems and business operations. Disaster Recovery methods focus on recovering from such unplanned occurrences, while IT resilience focuses on the ability to ride through them. This eBook explores both Disaster Recovery and IT Resilience strategies and describes the vital role a network-connected data center can play in helping you avoid such an IT disaster.

Business’ steadily increasing reliance on technology as a competitive edge along with the growing complexity of IT environments demand proactive planning for disastrous events. Businesses simply no longer have the luxury of extended system downtime, no matter the cause. Data centers play a critical role in both disaster recovery and resilience strategies and we believe that there are important attributes of both that businesses need to consider as they evaluate their options.

— Kurt Stoever, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, DC BLOX

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