DC BLOX data center exterior with fence for security

Hardened Data Center Facilities in Hard Times

If there is anything that 2020 has reminded us, it’s to expect the unexpected. Many companies thought they had a business continuity plan in place that had them covered. A major storm? No problem. Power … Read More

data center with tier ratings

Understanding Data Center Tier Ratings

What Are Uptime Institute Data Center Tiers? The Uptime Institute was created in the late 1980’s with a purpose of aiding data center companies in measuring and demonstrating expected facility performance. Acquired by the 451 … Read More

data center connections

How Data Center Colocation Enables Digital Transformation

In a world where IT strategies are being pushed to their limits by always-on and sky-high user expectations, data center colocation has emerged as a key component in an enterprise’s digital transformation strategy. Achieving and … Read More

hybrid cloud concept

How to do Hybrid Cloud

IT teams certainly have their hands full these days. The ability to quickly deploy and scale new applications, improve employee productivity, reduce operational expenses and extend geographic coverage are all benefits of moving applications to … Read More

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Colocation Location, Why Taxes Matter

All customers of colocation services assess the location of prospective data centers. Location matters when evaluating connectivity, power costs and distribution, climate, the likelihood of natural or man-made disaster, security, proximity to IT staff, setting … Read More

Choosing a Colocation Data Center for Edge Computing

Now that you’ve made the decision to switch to colocation, it’s time to shop for the best solutions. The options for Edge computing and Edge data centers can vary from purpose-built data centers to converted … Read More

What to Look For in a Colocation Data Center

Your company has decided that internally hosting all your IT infrastructure is no longer a sustainable long-term strategy, so you may be looking for a colocation data center as an alternative. Perhaps your current data … Read More

Should Your IT Stay Or Should You Colo?

Your company has some decisions to make around the future of your data center. Maybe your current data center can’t effectively power and cool your workloads, or you’re running out of space, or you need … Read More