DC BLOX: Serving Locally, Connecting Globally

In today’s digitally-dominated world, doing business with corporations that have a positive and direct impact on an area’s economic growth and development by building out core technology infrastructure is vital to prepare for a tech-powered future. Furthermore, engaging with people and organizations that are both respectful and cognizant of the concerns of communities is of increasing importance.

DC BLOX, a multi-tenant data center firm headquartered in Atlanta, has distinguished itself as a business with a vision to serve locally and connect globally in the cities and regions it is working in. DC BLOX aims to truly enable communities through collaboration while providing capital investment on infrastructure to empower the growth and economic development of these areas into the future. The company exists to provide foundational infrastructure for the digital economy and is focused on supporting growing and underserved markets in the Southeastern U.S. where availability of secure, reliable multi-tenant data centers is limited.

Building the Foundation

Jeff handshake at Birmingham Grand Opening

Most recently, DC BLOX launched two new Alabama data centers: one in Birmingham in July 2019 and another in Huntsville in late September of 2018. These sites are connected through a private network and a global ecosystem of communications partners, and both are being embraced for local colocation services, business continuity and disaster recovery, connectivity for distributed IT environments, hybrid cloud use, and data backup. These new sites augment DC BLOX’s existing data center footprint in Atlanta and Chattanooga with a host of network and communications partners that provide private interconnection to businesses and communities both regionally and globally.

“Huntsville and the surrounding region have a growing need to safely and securely manage big data through faster, cleaner transmissions,” said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle. “We’re delighted to have DC BLOX provide this much-needed service to meet the demands of our rapidly growing area.”

“We think this is going to be a compelling infrastructure asset for us to attract new companies that use data – whether they’re interested in precision medicine or high-tech, high-growth startups like Shipt, Fleetio, or Therapy Brands,” noted Josh Carpenter, Director of the Birmingham Mayor’s Office for Innovation and Economic Development.

In addition to DC BLOX’s growing footprint, the company is building relationships with critical constituents of local communities. For instance, MARTA, the principal public transport operator in the Atlanta metropolitan area, has chosen DC BLOX to deliver colocation and network services for its disaster recovery solution, effectively protecting the mission-critical infrastructure currently supporting transit for over 1.7 million residents of metro Atlanta. Meanwhile, Torch Technologies, one of the nation’s top 100 government contractors, has chosen DC BLOX to deliver colocation, network services, and cloud storage in its Huntsville and Birmingham, AL, data centers.

DC BLOX’s capital investment (such as its addition of up to $785 million and 200,000 square feet for a tech center in Birmingham) empowers economic development, adds jobs to surrounding regions, and promotes further technology growth into the future. DC BLOX’s Birmingham data center is considered a foundational investment in the area, facilitating a shift to a tech-driven economy by providing key infrastructure for digital technology, data storage, and connectivity.

Committed to Communities

Beyond fulfilling its promise of reaching new underserved areas and expanding its services and solutions, DC BLOX is driven by a core commitment to community support. Seeking ways to further give back, DC BLOX has provided computers to Birmingham’s Memorial Park recreation center, enabling residents to utilize them for homework, online job applications, and computer literacy courses. The company also opens its data centers to local groups to encourage education and technology training opportunities. Additionally, DC BLOX has awarded $1.4 million in contracts to support disadvantaged business entities, funds from its land purchase are supporting Birmingham’s Neighborhood Revitalization Project, and more.

Serve Locally, Connect Globally

DC BLOX serving locally

The DC BLOX Promise

In essence, DC BLOX’s commitment to “Serve Locally, Connect Globally” means the fulfillment of a few key cornerstones:

  • Investing capital on core infrastructure that enables local tech economies and offers resources, services, and facilities to local businesses and organizations
  • Enhancing communities through the addition of jobs and the promotion of collaboration and education
  • Connecting businesses to any destination worldwide through a private network and global ecosystem of communications partners, offering a software-defined network fabric with quick connectivity to the cloud, to partners, and to providers

The digital universe is expanding, and emerging technologies and strategies are rapidly redefining business and beyond. What’s needed are companies with an inclusive vision to improve both foundational infrastructure as well as local community economies, skills, and relationships. DC BLOX is committed to equipping the governments, businesses, and communities in its markets with the necessary tools and opportunities to keep pace with the increasing demands of the tech economy.

DC BLOX owns and operates interconnected multi-tenant data centers that deliver the infrastructure and connectivity essential to power today’s digital business. DC BLOX’s colocation facilities, robust connectivity ecosystem, dark fiber solutions, and hyperscale-ready data centers provide the digital infrastructure necessary to enable the rapid growth of the Southeast’s digital economy. DC BLOX’s data centers are located in Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL; Chattanooga, TN; Greenville, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC, with several others in development. For more information, please visit www.www.dcblox.com, call +1.877.590.1684, and connect with DC BLOX on X, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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